1. What is Lifestyle Medicine?

The vast majority of chronic diseases are diet-and lifestyle-related diseases and therefore require dietary and lifestyle solutions.

Lifestyle Medicine is a medical speciality that aims to prevent, treat or even reverse many chronic diseases with the strongest evidence-based modalities available. Lifestyle change is prescribed as first line therapy and requires the client to be an engaged partner and to take responsibility for the outcome.

The six pillars of Lifestyle Medicine include:

  • A predominantly whole food plant-based diet
  • Regular physical activity
  • Adequate sleep
  • Stress management and emotional wellness
  • Positive psychology and connectedness
  • Smoking cessation and avoiding other risky substance use

Lifestyle medicine could help you:

  • Reduce medication burden and side effects.
  • Maintain vigour and vitality as you age.
  • Reduce the risk from a family history of heart disease, stroke or other life-threatening conditions.
2. What is health coaching?

Health coaching is a growing field built around the latest science on motivation and behavioural change.

Changing unhealthy habits is challenging and maintaining change over time even more so.
Instead of simply being told what you should do, coaching is a process that facilitates healthy, sustainable behaviour change by respecting that you know yourself best and supporting you as a whole person, not only physically but mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

3. What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness is the awareness that arises when we pay attention to the present moment, on purpose and without judgement. Or simply, we are mindful when we are aware of what is happening inside ourselves and around us without wanting it to be different.

We practice cultivating an awareness that is kind, accepting and self-compassionate and eventually it becomes a way of being in the world, a way of life.

4. Do you offer online sessions?

Yes, both individual and group sessions can be conducted online using Zoom or similar video technology.

5. Will you work with my doctor?

Yes, we can work together with your primary care doctor or specialist as well as other allied or complementary health professionals on your team. This is preferred because you will want to keep track of your laboratory markers and as your health improves your medications may need to be adjusted. There is no need to stop other treatments if they are working.

6. Can you provide me with scientific references?

Yes. Lifestyle medicine, health coaching and Mindfulness based Stress Reduction are all evidence-based modalities.